Transparent Water Bottle Marked Poker Cards Scanning Camera

Company Details

  • Brands Name:- Sunrise Techvision Home Products
  • Model Number:- XF051
  • Product Code:- MCS-020
  • Contact:- +91-9540045644
  • Email Id:-
  • Cash on Delievery:-
  • Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days
  • Support:- 24/7 Online and Offline Support


Water bottle is a daily life product which can be seen everywhere but to use it as a cheating device is unimaginable.

Details about Water Bottle Poker Camera Scanner:

1. Undetectable secret camera
2. Scanning range of 35-45cm
3. Super fast scanning speed
4. All CVK and AKK poker analyzers supported
5. Remote switch to control the device
6. Working hours of almost 3 hours

How to use water bottle cheating cards scanner?

1. Turn on the device
2. Drink water from the bottle
3. Put bottle on table and focus on cards
4. Get accurate information at super fast speed

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