Plastic Paper Marked Magic Poker Cheat Cards

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  • Model Number:- XF01085
  • Product Code:- MC-004
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HR Tash Company is the leading manufacturer of plastic paper poker cheating cards with the latest technology and equipment. We print these cards in a secret marking pattern with the invisible ink and luminous technology.

Plastic paper poker cheating cards last longer than any other cheating cards available out in the market. These markings are done over the printing on the cards as a second layer but no one can feel it by touching on the surface. We have professionally designed these cards to keep these cards look as original as we can.

Secret markings can be very clearly seen with the poker cheat contact lenses, cheating marked card glasses and poker cheating card analyzer. Printing on the card is 100% water proof and wear proof. Even after rubbing the back of the cards on the table markings on the cards can be seen clearly. Along with manufacturing plastic paper poker cheating cards we also deal in wide range of imported plastic paper gambling cards.


1 - Material: Paper / Plastic
2 - Quality: Durable
3 - Index: Jumbo Index / Regular Index
4 - Color: Red / Blue
5 - Size: Poker Size
6 - Application Area: Poker Cheat

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