Nature Light Poker Magic Playing Cards Invisible Contact Lenses

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  • Model Number:- XF02001
  • Product Code:- MCL-014
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Nature light playing cards are the latest contact lenses to use with invisible playing cards, rummy cheating marked cards, mahjong cheating marked cards. Each corner of the poker cards is marked with a marking which represents the exact number and suit of the card which is seen clearly through these magic cards poker contact lenses. These lenses work efficiently in bright sunshine as well as dim light.


1. Better option than perspective glasses
2. Cheat easily in card games
3. Invisible markings clearly visible
4. All poker games easily playable

Tips for using invisible poker magic cards contact lenses:

1. Try to use it under white light always
2. Properly wash hands with soap or liquid
3. Clean the lenses in the contact lens solution
4. Take contact lens on your finger tip and safely put it in your eyes

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