Mini Pin Hole Poker Game Monitoring Device

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  • Model Number:- XF071
  • Product Code:- WCD-002
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We provide the best poker game monitoring device helps user to monitor whole game according to their need. Due to its small size it can be fitted anywhere, the user want. It is easy to play any card game with mini pinhole device this helps user to win lots of money without any pressure. Mini pin hole poker game device can monitor every card game with performing lots of card tricks. The accessories obtained with mini pin hole camera is: a mini camera, a transmitter, a receiver, a TV, a pair of earpiece and several decks of marked cards.


1 - Camera Lens: Spy Pin Hole Camera Lens
2 - Scanning Area: 1m
3 - Volt: 220v
4 - Application Area: Poker Cheat
5 - Scanning Distance: Within 3 M
6 - Operating Time: Uninterrupted Power Supply
7 - Operating Method: Wireless Remote Control To Turn On And Turn Off

Features of the pin hole camera:

The card game mini pinhole device is the secret monitoring camera for the private games. This camera device is used with every device like mobile phone, lamp, watch, keys and many more due to its small size. Mini pin hole poker game device is not easy to detect. This device can scan the cards with wide range.

Merit of the pin hole camera with monitoring system:

Mini Pin Hole Poker Game Monitoring Device will help player to know the cards point from the back side of the monitor and can help player to win the whole games without any pressure.

Accessories of pin hole monitoring camera lens system:

The accessories provided with Mini Pin Hole Poker Game Monitoring Device are:
• A pinhole monitoring camera lens
• A receiver
• A transmitter
• A TV
• A pair of earpiece
• Several decks of marked cards


1. Magic show of marked playing cards
2. Poker cheat in cards game
3. Private cards cheats
4. Casino Poker Match

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