Magic UV Invisible Playing Cards Contact Lenses

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Magic UV contact lenses are easy to use with all types of invisible playing cards. These invisible cards contact lenses helps you play all poker games and win easily without anyone’s information. Every card of the opponents can be seen and detected with secret markings on the cards to predict the next move of the opponent. Invisible playing cards lenses are completely undetectable in all eyes colors. These lenses start working instantly after wearing these lenses.


1. Safe to use than perspective glasses
2. Easily cheat in poker games
3. See every marking on invisible playing cards very clearly
4. All poker cards games supported


1. Best to use under the white light and especially the energy-saving light.
2. Wash hands properly before wearing these lenses.
3. Wear these lenses a few hours before playing the card games.
4. These are designed for longer duration usage but we highly recommend wearing these for less than 8 hours continuously.
5. Keep them in contact lens solution all the time to protect these lenses from getting damaged.


1. Can these lenses be detected by anyone?
No, these lenses are of no color and these don’t change the color of the yes when wearing so no one can detect it.

2. Which size contact lenses do you offer?
We offer high quality 6mm, 8mm and 9mm contact lenses.

3. For how long can these lenses detect the markings on the cards?
These lens work effectively for almost a year and start to fade after a year.

4. How can we keep these contact lenses safe from wear and tear?
Always put these lenses in the contact lens solution when not using these lenses.

5, How to know the most reliable and suitable UV contact lenses?
We have the best sales team to help you find the most reliable and suitable UV contact lenses.

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