High Speed Auto Sensor Button Camera Poker Scanner

Company Details

  • Brands Name:- Sunrise Techvision Home Products
  • Model Number:- XF101
  • Product Code:- MCS-025
  • Contact:- +91-9540045644
  • Email Id:- sunrisetechpvt@gmail.com
  • Cash on Delievery:- Available
  • Shipping:- 2-3 Working Days
  • Support:- 24/7 Online and Offline Support


Today we are coming with the attractive products for all gambling games like Ander bhar, poker, rummy, cut patta etc. The cheating cards button device have small hidden camera that helps in detecting all the card numbers and give the correct result to the user.

User can know all the card suits either placed on table or in hands with auto sensor button camera poker scanner device. The scanning information by the button poker cards camera scanner is very clear and sharp. Due to its small size it can’t be detected by anyone else.


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