High Quality Magic Poker Marked Cheating Cards

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Magic cheating cards are designed for all Indian origin card games as well as for international card games. All poker games can be efficiently won using the marked poker cheating cards. Magic poker marked cards are given a marking on the corners and center of the cards to indicate user exact card details of the opponent.

Magic poker cheating cards look as same as the normal playing cards with the naked eyes. With the use of poker cheating contact lenses secret markings on the cards can be detected easily to identify opponent’s cards. Result of the cards games can be easily predicted and lots of money can be made with these magic poker cheating cards. These are useful as a cheating device in card games as well as magic cards on magic shows.

Applications for Use:

Poker cheating
Card game cheating
Card game gambling
Casino card games
Private card games


1. How long can one a player use these cards for cheating?
These cards are easy to use for one year and markings on these cards start to fade after a year.

2. How to protect these cards from getting damaged?
Always keep these cards in a seal box to prevent getting damaged form hot and cold atmosphere.

3. How many marking styles are used for marking cards?
We use different marking styles on each pack of cards. Consult our sales team for detailed information.

4. How to buy the most suitable invisible marking card for you?
Once you consult our sales team and tell your requirements they help you find the best cards according to your requirements.

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