Black Plastic Ashtray Double Camera Poker Scanner For Marked Playing Cards

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  • Brands Name:- Sunrise Techvision Home Products
  • Model Number:- XF-160
  • Product Code:- MCS-007
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Double camera ashtray marked playing cards scanner is the latest addition to the range of poker cards ashtray scanner devices available for wholesale prices at our store. It looks very stylish in black and golden color combination. User can use it to put ashes of the cigarettes in this device as well as easily scan the cards on the table. It works with all luminous printing technology and invisible ink technology based cards to analyze the secret bar codes printed on the edge of the cards.

User can remotely control this poker cards ashtray scanner device with remote device to turn on and off the camera at will.

Products Details of Marked Playing Cards Ashtray Device:

Material Used: Plastic
Color of Device: Black
Scanning Distance: 20-30cm
Scanning Width: 25cm
Battery Life: 4 Hours when fully charged

Cheating Playing Cards Ashtray Device is applicable for:

Poker Tour
Casino Card Games
Poker Games
Private Card Games
Club Card Games
Magic Card Show

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